Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School and such

Waiting for the bus.
Fred is driving to school this year, so he missed out on the pictures!!

It's time for school. Three are already gone. One is still in bed. So far, so good. There is much more homework in middle school than elementary school. Sam missed the bus already. He was in the library when they called his bus. He ran into traffic as the proverbial salmon tried to swim upstream. I'm thankful he wants to go to the library--but not at bus time. Ben is in two high school classes and thinks that there is a lot more work in high school classes. He's taking Spanish and Adv. Algebra 1. Fred seems to be having a hard time making the transition to school work. He was dragging while doing his little bit of work last week. Hoperfully he'll pick it up this week. He's off to a good start completing half of his AP American History work last night. It's not due until Wednesday. Peter is happy in his class. He's making new friends. He's learning that 4th graders are expected to do more and do it better than 3rd graders. There is a huge leap between those two years, it seems. I love his teacher. Ben had her in 4th grade. I'm very thankful that he has her and for the opportunity to speak into her life again. Since only Peter and Fred are playing on teams this fall, there is time at home in the evenings to work on homework and to read. I'm reading a book by Jerry Jenkins to the boys. I forget what it's called, but so far we really like it. It's very suspenseful. Having Peter home by himself in the morning is fun. The other three all leave around 7, but he doesn't go until 8:30. We are reading the biography of Eric Liddle together. It's a sweet time. How that time marches on, though.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of Summer

We took a trip to Keysville to visit my parents and brother and sister-in-law the weekend before Labor Day. We celebrated Sam's birthday at Todd and Kim's ice cream shop. The cousins were very happy to see each other again. The parking lot of the ice cream shop has become a playground. There are several bikes and wheel chairs that the kids use to entertain themselves. They were setting up accident pictures. Some of them were quite good.
This is the new ice cream shop that Kim and Todd run in Keysville. If you are ever near, stop by for some delicious ice cream.

Aren't they so good looking???