Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Weekend

What an amazing Easter weekend we experienced!  The Good Friday Service was so moving and personal.  We learned about the last 7 "words" of Christ from the cross.  I was surprised at the emotion that met me as I contemplated those last thoughts Christ shared.  After that, Karen delivered a monologue as a person witnessing the crucifixion and coming to the realization that without that death, without that horrendous act, there is no salvation for any of us.  We have to join our voices with the crowd in shouting, "crucify!" or else we are lost.  Powerful, humbling thoughts as we took communion together. 

Saturday we joined our church in the Eggspedition outreach to our community.  We worked the putt putt booth, while the boys worked in the concessions area.  We never really have a hunt--it's more like a vacuum!  We watched as 12,000 eggs disappeared in under 90 seconds.  It was great fun!  Then we had good friends here for dinner that night. 

 The boys were trying their hands at a physics experiment.  God made the egg so strong, that if you hold it in your hand (the right way, of course) with the pressure distributed evenly and squeeze as hard as you can, it will not break.  We tried it with hard-boiled eggs!  It did work though.
I'm so very thankful for my wise husband who told me no a few weeks before when I wanted to invite people for Easter dinner.  We were exhausted!  We awakened the boys for their egg hunt and breakfast before everyone had to leave.  After another inspiring church service shared with new friends, we came home to another Easter egg hunt.  Ben and Fred left church quickly, and Ben set up an egg hunt for Chris and me.  It was very thoughtful, but also pretty difficult!  We relaxed and enjoyed each other the rest of the day.  It was a great way to start spring break.