Friday, January 8, 2010

snow part two

The Fultons
Posing on Grandma's driveway

Fred's letterman jacket (he lettered in football and academics this fall)

Fun with cousins

It's snowing again so we are all home. We only have about 2 inches today, though. I got up to get ready for school, didn't see any snow on the ground from the upstairs window in the dark, so I proceeded to get ready for work. About 30 minutes later, while folding towels, I thought that perhaps I should check the web site. School was cancelled! There was over an inch of snow on the ground that I hadn't detected from the second story! I tried to go back to sleep, but at that point, I was too "up". Oh well, it's still nice to have a day to do laundry and catch up.

Here are some Christmas pictures. We went to South Carolina the day after Christmas, then stopped at my parents' on the way home on the 30th. It was a great time of togetherness with family.