Saturday, October 30, 2010

The New Normal

About a month ago, when Sam was again complaining of an ache, pain, or other sickness, we decided it was time to home school.  He has been wanting us to homeschool since half way through 6th grade, but since most of his problems with school involved deadlines and organization, we figured being home wouldn't help that.  God has a way of making Himself very clear, however, and so three weeks ago we pulled Sam out of school and started the journey of homeschooling.

 I've done it before when Fred was in 4th, 5th and 6th grades.  It was good and hard.  I had 4 children at home, three of whom I was trying to teach, and one who just wanted his mama.  It's very different to have just Sam here.  He's in 7th grade and a very good reader--perfectly capable of reading for understanding and following instructions.  He has actually done very well, but this week the honeymoon is over.  There were more times of having to go back and do it again, more complaining, and less work done to the best of his ability.  I expected that, but it's still not fun.

We start each day with God's Word, which we were doing before, but for some reason it's different.  Maybe it's the time spent talking about it.  I can see the difference in Sam in just 3 short weeks.  He's happier, he's getting along with his brothers better, he's making better choices.  For that, it's worth it.  On  the down side, I may never see my husband alone again.  My day of school starts at 8:30 and finishes about 6 or 7.  After Sam is done, the others get home, and I am doing homework with them.  So those pictures represent the bulk of every day.  But they also represent the eternal souls that God has put in our care. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 He remembered to be a gentleman, and Dad let him take the car.
                                                                            Bree and Fred
 I love this picture.  Bree posted it on face book in black and white and for the caption wrote, Fred Fulton, Holy Spirit, Bree Jordan.
                                                               Great group of kids
 When we arrived at Bree's to take pictures, some of the gentlemen were having trouble with their ties.  Bree's dad was out of town, so her brother googled "how to tie a tie."  It was so funny!  Chris rescued them.  He tied 3 of the ties for the evening.  Fred missed a step, so he had some help.
                                                   Sam and Peter at the tailgate party
                                                                 After the game
                                                          Ben ready for the monster slide
                                                                         Fred is #34
Let me first just say that so far I DO NOT like the new system for Blogger--I can't seem to figure out how to put the pictures on, so imagine these in reverse order!!! 

Life is, um, stressful right now.  There are things, things, things going on.  We started homeschooling Sam this week, which is the culmination of a bunch of other stuff.  So instead of going down that road, I wanted to share what has been bringing me joy.  I have always enjoyed high school football (seriously Chris!), but it's so much more fun now that I have a vested interest.  I love to watch Fred play.  He is in almost the entire game.  He runs the defense and does it very well.  Since it's inception 6 years ago, Mountain View has not had a winning football team, but this year they are 5 and 1 so far.  It's been an exciting ride.  Last week was homecoming, and the team won again--a hard fought battle.  We went to the tailgate party and parade before the game, and then enjoyed the evening with many friends.  The next evening was the dance, which Fred attended with Bree, his girlfriend.  This is all new territory for us, but it's been so much fun.  I'm thankful for these moments of joy.