Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is coming! Yeah! Sunshine and blue skies are here for a few days. I love Virginia.

I went to a Planet Wisdom conference with the youth from our church this weekend.
I learned:
The Skit Guys are FUNNY!
Worship music can really move me. I'm not really a music kind of girl most of the time. I crave information. The worship band was Dutton, and they were very good.
Just because a person is speaking at a huge conference, that doesn't mean it'll be amazing. Although it was for many of the boys who went, including one of my sons.
God loves me. He just loves me. Even when I'm being critical in my mind and fussing about things, He still really loves me--and it makes me sob from way down deep.
Jesus suffered so much in Gethsemane over what was to come. I've never spent much time mulling over what transpired there, but I had a minuscule taste of that on Friday when God told me specifically not to do something I really wanted to do and didn't see any moral reason not to.
Not having to go to Alexandria for jury duty all week really does bring out the happy dance in me (but that had nothing to do with Planet Wisdom:)).