Saturday, April 9, 2011


At first I thought I wasn't a blogger, but when I got started, it was kind of fun.  But I was right.  I'm not a blogger.  I think in my heart I am, but not in the reality of time and life.  I compose them daily in my mind, but there they stay, lost amidst schedules, lists, and school stuff.  Sigh.  At some point there will be time to reflect, but not in spring, not with sports and plays and concerts and tests and graduation looming with more things to do than I can muster the energy for.  Ah well.  Here are some photos just to freshen things up a bit. 

 The boys were snowboarding on the ice-covered grass.
 Ben's birthday party.
 The hot tub facial hair at Myrtle Beach.
 Beautiful day on the beach in South Carolina.
 Peter leads the singing of "Happy Birthday" for himself.
 Mugging on Fred's 18th birthday.
 Peter plays in the drum ensemble at the Fine Arts Festival.
 Fred throwing shot at states for winter track.  He was seeded 24 and placed 12th.
 My brother Todd and his wife Kim at his going away party.
The kids at the party all played Just Dance together.