Saturday, August 22, 2009


Rainbow in the clear blue sky
The great wall of China
Aztec pyramid
We have been in out and up and down. These pictures were taken at Shark Fossil Beach in Westomoreland County. We went there last Sunday. Our friends go there often. There really are shark teeth fossils all over. We didn't look for them much this time, but just enjoyed swimming in the Potomac. The boys were fascinated with all the clay they found in the water. This area is replete with it. Sam found an interesting rock that had a baby crab inside of it. It was one of those relaxing days away.
It seems that the last several weeks consisted of running and cleaning and more running. Now as we gear up for school, some of that is done. Fred came down this morning and asked if we could celebrate. "Celebrate Saturday?" I asked. "Celebrate no football today," was the reply. He has been going non-stop from 7-2 each day. He's worn out. Truly today we can celebrate because we have no where to be, nothing to do, and the humidity is lifting. We may camp out back tonight since we haven't had a chance to do that this summer.
It feels as if we are in a holding pattern. School does not start for us until September 8. As all of the back to school ads and items are disappearing from the stores, it seems strange that we won't even know what many of the boys need until the first week of September. It's time for transition, for schedules, for routine. I'm winging it for the next two weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We had such a wonderful time for our anniversary. My parents sent us that beautiful bouquet of flowers. We got to dress up and drive to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to the Inn at Little Washington. Because we were about an hour early, we strolled through the quaint town. It was first surveyed by George Washington in 1729, I believe. There are old houses and gardens and little out buildings there. It's a nice little town. We walked through the Inn shops across the street from the Inn, and discovered a book called 1001 Places You Must Visit Before You Die. The Inn at Little Washington was in the book! We can cross that one off the list. The Inn is run by a world-renowned chef, Patrick O'Connell. We were treated so well. We sampled about 7 tastes of things on the menu while we were waiting. The menus are printed each day, and the top of ours said Happy Anniversary to the Fultons. We got to keep them as a keepsake. I'm so glad, because I could never remember all that I ate. It was a three course meal with dessert at the end. We had things like "Fricassee of Maine Lobster with Potato Gnocchi, Green Grapes and Curried Walnuts," and Prosciutto Wrapped, Pan Roasted Loin of Pennsylvania Veal with Spinach Raviolini and Parmesan Broth." It really was fabulous. I didn't think I would be able to eat all of it, but the portions are smallish, so I managed. As we left, they gave us each the little paper replica of the Inn filled with cookies and candies. We strolled through the gardens and enjoyed the rest of the evening. What a great experience! Thanks Honey! I just wish I would have remembered my camera.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

20 Really?

So, what were you doing 20 years ago tonight? I was at my wedding rehearsal! then a wonderful dinner at Casa de Salucci's in downtown Newton Falls. My mom cried through the rehearsal. I was directing the action. Chris, my dear friend Suzanne and I went back to my house to talk and laugh with my family. They left me around midnight, when Chris was officially kicked out. I couldn't sleep most of the night. Neither could Tabby, my cat. She new something was wrong. We finally settled down on the living room floor about 3 am, Tabby and me. The next day was a blur of hair, make-up, friends, dresses and HEAT. One of my favorite pictures is of me sitting in the dressing room with a fan under my dress. One of my least favorite is my dad being too unwell to walk me down the aisle, but my grandpa stepped in so I did't have to go alone. I still remember him saying, out of the corner of his mouth, "slow down." The funniest memory is of my brother Phil quietly leaving the ceremony to lose his cookies in the hall (that wasn't the funny part) and then 1)one of my uncles who was "helping" my dad had to clean it up, 2)Phil swept in as the recessional was playing and walked his lady out of the church, 3)one of the groomsmen on the cake had fallen over when we got to the reception,
representing Phil's exit, and 4)my mom telling how she just took everything in during the ceremony, but didn't notice that Phil had been gone at all when it had been about 30 minutes.
I loved almost everything about that day. I felt like Cinderella, or Eliza Doolittle (I could have danced all night). And today I'm still living "happily ever after." Happy 20 Honey! I love you.