Friday, April 24, 2009


We are in the process of getting rid of our satellite dish. We are going "old school," as Chris says, so we need to make sure that we can actually get regular channels. This has been quite a process, and Chris has done his research about antennas, receivers, etc. Today he put together our new antenna since the old one has been there since who-knows-when. He wondered at the very vague instructions and had to use pictures as well. You would think it was from India or Thailand with the instructions we received. The English wasn't so good. But no, it's from Missouri. I guess we need the pictures since it comes from the "Show Me" state. He was reading the warnings and outdoor installation instructions. The very last one on the sheet says, "Warning Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both. Do not throw antenna at spouse." It makes me laugh even now! He's been warned.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Mummy at the Walter's Gallery
They did have some armor out!

Fred and Sam pulling at the tug of war. I think Peter and Ben were on the other side. The rope was at different angles on each side. I actually beat Chris at this because of the advantage of the higher rope.
4 Cool dudes waiting for the 3D movie about the ocean. Nice glasses.

I feel as if I'm still a week behind. Having everyone home for spring break made last week very different. We finally made a trip to Baltimore, but we had to squeeze it in between baseball. Thankfully, the rain helped! When I was in college I took a field trip with an art class to the Walter's Gallery in Baltimore. Then, when I had 3 children, an older woman at our church offered another art class, which I gladly participated in, and then she took me to the same gallery. This was about 10 years ago, and I so desperately wanted to take the boys back there. The gallery had a mummy and it had a room filled with armor, swords and various weapons. I knew they would love it. Finally, last week, we made it to the gallery. Many of the suits of armor were in storage, but there were some. It wasn't the field trip I had hoped for, but hoepfully they absorbed SOMETHING as they whisked their way through the halls. We also went to the Maryland Science Center on the Inner Harbor. Now my kids aren't the best museum people in the world. I think Ben and Peter made it through the entire Walter's gallery in 20 minutes. But the Science Center was a different story. It is the best science museum I have been to. We stayed all day, and the guys were actually disappointed when it was time to leave. They hadnt' seen everything yet. If you get the chance to go, it's well worth the cost of admission!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


See my eggs!
Abbey is focusing on getting that egg to the plate.

Ben has devoured the chocolate cross while Fred works on bunny ears.
Fred poses as a statue on the stump in the yard.

I love this picture of my mom and dad. They were laughing as we tried to get my dad to smile for the camera.

I love this picture of my niece Nichole, even though it's blurry. That's her dad in the background, whom she greatly resembles!
Kim made this AWESOME lemony, cheesecakey fresh dessert. I can't remember the name, but it is beautiful and tasted like spring!

Spring means rain, and rain it did. Since Fred's 100 inning game was postponed Saturday, and my plans were cancelled due to rain, we decided to surprise my parents for Easter. We left Saturday morning and Fred drove the entire way. It was nicer there, and we had such a nice visit.

Friday, April 10, 2009

NHS Induction

Happy Good Friday! This morning when I woke Peter up for school I said this to him. He responded, "It's good for us, but it wasn't good for Jesus. What happened wasn't good, but it is VERY good for us." Amen! Today our Bible study was on John 14 and 15. Jesus said in chapter 15 that we should rejoice because he is returning to the Father, who is greater than him. So many years I try to think solemn things, and indeed it was a solemn, unfathomable feat that our sins would be poured out on Christ on the cross, but oh the joy that I don't have to pay for them for all eternity!

Fred was inducted into the National Honor Society last night along with many other students. It was a beautiful ceremony, well done by the current members. I'm so proud of him! We had to take about 9 pictures with him because he seems to always blink when the camera clicks. In the ones where his eyes were actually open, I was focusing on his eyes being opened, so I wasn't smiling....He even had his eyes closed in the picture I took of him when I was half-way across the cafeteria and he was surrounded by friends. He says he has a "camera sense" and can tell when his picture is being taken. I credit that to all of the times we tried to take pictures of his brothers and he jumped in front of the camera too.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Signs of spring abound. I planted bulbs in the fall, finally, and was rewarded with 4 different types of flowers outside my front door. That was time well spent. We are careening through spring and it's only 2 weeks old! I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love that everything is new and renewed, that the sun warms me and the ground. I hate that we barely have time to glance at it from all of the business. Soccer Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and SAturday. Baseball everyday. Track starts Monday. It's crazy. I am working on having a good attitude this spring about sports. I'm also working on saying "no" to everything else. Hopefully we'll make it successfully to the other side of the season with mental health in tact. That remains to be seen, but we're off to a good start!